thank you for joining me for pride art month 2021!

I finished a drawing a day for Pride Month ❤️🏳️‍🌈 Thank you everyone for the support!

From positive social media feedback, I’ve decided to continue donating 50% of proceeds from these pride prints to the Marsha P Johnson Foundation, for the rest of 2021⭐️

You can view the pride month art listing on my art store, as well as other works I have up for sale! If you want to, feel free to also follow my future art endeavours on my Instagram art account.

Thank you again everyone, it was truly a very meaningful and special thing to do especially during much harder times. It was challenging at times, and on 2 of the busiest days I ended up finishing/posting the artworks somewhere between 11:50-11:59 pm of the day, but it ended up all working out in the end!