death throes of the downtrodden (poem)

airpods are made to be unusable in a year and a half. capitalism says, we compete to innovate. but we really compete to die, we compete to die for profit. it says, i am planned obsolete. it says, i am planned to be disposable. it says, if you can’t be profitable, your life is disposable.

a free market strives for the best, it says. but it thrives on desperation. i am not creating, when i am hungry and ill. i am fighting tooth and nail to survive. it is not an art form. it is the death throes of the downtrodden. the desperation of the disposable is deliberate. the desperation of the disposable is profit.

this tree is thousands of years old. a beacon of patience, adaptability, creativity. it is felled in one swoop so its husk can feed planned-obsolete markets. its ghost still creaks on the land razed for houses for the wealthy. life is not profitable until its life is beaten out of it.