Vancouver, British Columbia during the COVID-19 Pandemic: In Photos (article/photography)

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As the global coronavirus pandemic slowly reached the west coast of Canada, I found myself snapping a lot of photos of the new normals around Vancouver, BC. Led by Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia has been one of the luckier provinces in Canada during the pandemic.

Here are some photos of Vancouver, BC life from March until now, nearly the end of May 2020.

March 20: A London Drugs dedicates an hour, Monday-Friday, 8 am — 9 am, as early access shopping for seniors and people with disabilities
March 23: Busses start commencing rear door boarding only for safety of bus drivers
April 2: Socially distant line ups begin outside London Drugs as stores start limiting the amount of shoppers allowed inside at once
April 3: A rainbow chalk drawing at Granville Island reading — “Tout ira bien! Everything is going to be OK!”
April 3: An empty Granville Island, usually bustling with tourists around this time
April 3: A sign at Granville Island urging people to maintain social distancing of 2 meters/6 feet
April 3: A sign at Kitsilano Beach reading — “Enjoy our beach but stay apart.”
April 11: Caution tape surrounds a closed playground
April 14: Local diner writes “Thank you for your support” and “Stay safe” on a take out order
April 18: Chalk at Olympic Village reading “Have a heart, stay 2 metres apart”
April 26: A sign at Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery asking the public to not use the space for leisure or activity during the pandemic
April 26: A local restaurant hangs a “to go only” sign on its window
April 26: A sign on a neighbourhood garden reading: “Thank you COVID heroes”
April 27: Craft Beer Market at Olympic Village hangs a sign reading: “Stay safe Olympic Village, we miss you!”
April 27: A pair of hotel buildings display double hearts using lighted rooms on the skyline
April 28: “Fuck COVID” written on a log on Habitat Island
May 1: The Vancouver skyline is lit up in an unprecedented way on a Friday night as people stay home
May 4: A sign on a bus stop reading “Route 50 Temporarily Cancelled: Transit service is being reduced across Metro Vancouver due to low ridership relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.”
May 4: A flashing sign at Kitsilano Beach reads “Keep 2 meters apart/Wash your hand/All parking enforced”
May 5: Chalk reading “Things will get better”
May 9: Public chalk with encouraging messages and “Thank you Dr. Henry”
May 13: BC Place broadcasts hearts on the skyline
May 20: A customer cleaning station and a sign displaying critical item availability in London Drugs
May 20: Social distancing stickers in London Drugs
May 22: Canadian Tire displays a sign offering curbside pick up
May 22: Responding to COVID-19 sign in Canadian Tire
May 22: A sticker on the pavement outside store reading “Please stay 6 ft apart”
May 22: This too shall pass