How I decluttered my Spotify library (article)

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I used to have thousands of liked songs, and I would skip more than half of them.

It was a mess because I didn’t want to lose songs that meant something to me by unliking them, but I also didn’t listen to some of them anymore.

The solution I found (apart from just saving albums, without liking all of the songs in the album), is private playlists.

I have over 20 personal private playlists in one Spotify folder, each with a different specific mood or theme.

Whenever I find a new song I like, I immediately add it to one (or more) of the playlists (or create a new one).

The rule is that I can never delete songs from these playlists, or delete any of them. For me they act as archives.

So when I grow tired of a song I can unlike it with ease knowing that it’s stored in one or more playlists and it’s not lost forever.

Some of my playlist names, as examples:

  • some dreamy distant neon world
  • dystopia’s antiheroes
  • nostalgic at a house party
  • messy kids messy lives

And a lot more weirdly specific playlists storing some songs that I have long said goodbye to but might revisit when I feel the mood to listen to one of the playlists. And if I like a song again I just relike it.

The number of songs I have liked now? 87. That’s the number I’m actually actively listening to and won’t immediately skip on shuffle.