What if we are really at the end of the world? What should we do in the face of true apocalypse? Hold onto each other, and help each other (article)

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In the face of apocalypse, it sometimes feels naive to claim optimism or hope, but in a bigger sense, hope and connection is the most revolutionary element to hang onto.

Even when everything collapses around us, the least we can do is to be humane to each other and at least try to die out with compassion and an attempt to alleviate suffering for each other, rather than lie down in defeat or go out killing each other.

That is the worst case scenario. That if we’re nearing extinction anyways, at least go out compassionately and with a fight for the better.

In the non worst case scenario, these years are as much a trial of human resilience morexso than really any era before this. And we’d rather define ourselves with efforts — even the smallest ones — to do good in the face of dread, rather than complete defeatism (even though that is a natural psychological reaction too).

For those who easily claim that we are at the end and would prefer to just die anyways, consider that — once again, even if we ARE at the end, it is over proportionally vulnerable minorities, such as those in poverty, who will suffer the most. Humans do not die in equal pain, even if we are all too die.

At the very least, lend out a hand to those who will feel the effects of disasters the worst, and who are often the first to suffer from them.

I don’t believe we are at the end. We are at an incredibly crucial and fragile point in human history, yes, and possibly one that will end civilisations. But that we aren’t at the total end of the species. Suffering, whilst inevitable, does not have to be maximised. The smallest acts of compassion and an effort to minimise the pain to the planet and each other do not do nothing. In times like these, moreso than ever, they mean everything.