A random assortment of tips on beating executive dysfunction (article)

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Collected from random experiences, videos, articles, etc.

  • If you can, have a separate work table, and “relaxing” table
  • Self care is important. Even if you haven’t done anything to “deserve” it, go shower, go eat, go drink some water. This is usually the precursor, not the reward, to some productivity.
  • Long ass to do lists. Break everything down to the smallest steps possible, even if it’s as simple as 1) Get up from chair 2) Get pajamas from drawer 3) Preheat shower … etc etc
  • Write down what you’ve done/accomplished, even the smallest things. It may bring you momentum and motivation to do more.
  • If your reward system is broken, try and recreate your own. If this involves buying accomplishment stickers like in elementary school, go wild. Live your truth. Give yourself periodic positive enforcement.
  • Work for very small intervals if needed. Work for 10 minutes, break for 10, and so forth.
  • When you take a break from work, even if it is a very short break, go to a different environment. And vice versa. Even if this means just a different room or seat.
  • Put everything you need in one place, because getting up and getting things is extremely taxing. I may have several garbage cans in my living room (next to the dining table, couch, etc), simply because the easiness of access helps so much.
  • Try to avoid thinking “I should be doing XYZ, I should be showering, I should be studying,” and restructuring it into, “I want to take a shower because I want to be clean and smell like lavender” or “I want to cook dinner, it’ll be a good treat and I get to make my favourite dish.” And so on and so forth.
  • Momentum is everything. Contrary to popular advice, it may help more to do a lot of small, super easy things early on in the day, as it will create that rush to continue more and more.