Transit Zine – Call for Submissions

Call For Submissions – Transit Zine 2019

I’m working on a digital (and potentially physical) zine about and celebrating public transit! The zine will collect a variety of media about public transportation in any shape or form. Everyone (commuters, operators, etc.) is encouraged to submit. 

Some examples include:

  • Photography of busses, commuter trains, stations, etc.
  • Personal stories about transit/commuting
  • Articles about the current state of, the future of, or anything relating to the topic of public transportation in the modern day 
  • Fiction (prose, poetry) that is on topic and explores the theme in your own way 
  • Drawing or comics or paintings of transit or transit adjacent themes 
  • Other media forms may be accepted as well – anything relating to the topic goes! I only ask that the medium chosen can also work on physical copy, just in case. For example, if it is a short film submission, also include a link (e.g. Youtube) and screenshots. 

And more 🙂 


  • Writing (non fiction or fiction): up to 3 pieces, no minimum word count, but no more than 1200 words, in a Word or PDF document.
  • Photography: up to 5 photos with titles, in a JPEG or PNG file. Description up to 300 words accompanying is optional but encouraged. 
  • Artwork: up to 5 pieces, can be scanned or digital or any chosen medium, in a JPEG or PNG file. Description up to 300 words accompanying is optional but encouraged.
  • Videos: 1 video per submission up to 5 minutes long, in .mp4 or .mov. Description up to 300 words accompanying is optional but encouraged. Include a link (e.g. to Youtube) and 3 screenshots.

End Product: 

This is a not for profit zine that will be released digitally, and all contributors will get emailed a copy. The main goal is to celebrate/explore the theme, rather than be sold for profit.

If there is enough interest it may also be printed physically, and any cost will simply be for the printing/shipping (this may be done through crowdfunding if enough are interested). 

IF there happens to be any money made out of this, it will be donated to a local Vancouver BC charity that will be decided if it becomes relevant. 

Regardless, the final product will be distributed widely online.

After submissions close, I aim to be done editing/polishing/publishing by the end of November.

Submissions will be open until 11:59 pm October 31st, 2019 – Pacific (Vancouver BC) time. 

If this is something that you may be interested in, please email your submissions (or any questions) to

Title the email Transit Zine Submission, and include the attachments/submissions (the MAXIMUM number of submissions per person is as the guidelines say – 3 writing pieces, 5 photos, 5 artworks, 1 video).

No email body text is necessary for initial submission, but you may add anything you feel is relevant in the email. 

All submissions will be reviewed and if accepted you will receive an email asking for a short bio (you can be anonymous if wanted, as well). On the bio you can include a description of yourself as well as social media handles.

Lastly, this is mainly a very open ended zine, but the base rules of no prejudice/discrimination/hateful language apply. Submissions should be respectful. 

Spread the word 🙂