transit video/film series

This will come as 0 surprise to people who know me in real life, but for the past few weeks I’ve been filming some of the bus and Skytrain rides I’ve been taking around Greater Vancouver.

Without going into too much sentimental detail, public transit is, well, how I’ve grown up learning about and understanding a place I live. There’s something about each city’s transit system that really defines a large part of its culture and lifestyle, so I’ve always been interested in exploring and capturing that.

As well, Vancouver is the city I spent most of my childhood living in (almost 10 years). Having come back, the amount of changes in familiar neighbourhoods took a while to adjust to at first. Furthermore, looking at old photos of this city made me think that, whilst all these day to day happenings end up just fading away to the background of our lives, in even 4 or 5 years it’s the day to day that will encapsulate the most.

Anyways, that’s the long winded way of saying that I filmed these videos both in an essence to document Greater Vancouver, and because I just enjoy transit and exploring places, go figure.

It’s going to be an ongoing thing since I commute and go around a lot. Will update whenever I capture something new 🙂
33 UBC, down West 16th Avenue
Other direction goes towards 29th Avenue Station
Expo Line (King George to Waterfront, westbound)
Royal Oak to Joyce-Collingwood station
43 (Express) UBC, down Southwest Marine Drive, past Wesbrook Village down Wesbrook Mall
Other direction goes to Joyce-Collingwood station
*The 43 is my favourite route and I stand by it
25 Brentwood Station, down W King Edward Avenue
Other direction goes to UBC