hello everyone; a ton of updates + intros

It’s been a long time since I properly made an update/entry here; I’ve been juggling work and school and trying to collect all my personal work in one place!

So in an effort to get things sorted, here’s a post about everything.

I made a new Facebook page and have been trying to keep it updated.

I also recently set up a DeviantArt account! Collating art on my own website has worked well, but I love connecting with other artists and giving/receiving feedback, and dA is still one of the best places to do that. I’m in the process of uploading old works onto there, but new ones will go onto dA in the future.

I’ve been using Redbubble for artwork sales for a long time, but it’s almost time I say goodbye to that platform. I love it, but I don’t control manufacturing on there (Redbubble does, I only upload the design), and I want to follow the process from start to finish.

Not too long ago I opened an etsy store that let me do just that. If you order from there, I control the manufacturing and shipping (it’s free for you, I’ll take care of the costs and logistics), just to make sure everything is good quality. Plus I get to include a handwritten note with every order saying thank you!

Haven’t been doing a ton of photography with my DSLR, but with my iPhone I still love taking photos of things I see day to day. I upload them all onto Flickr (I don’t want to spam Instagram) 🙂

This is for my own reference as well as a public post, but here is the non-conclusive list of WIPs:

  • Public transit video series
  • Concert video series
  • (Maybe maybe maybe) a casual podcast
  • Good Omens fan art
  • Zine with poetry and old letters/writing
  • (Maybe) a comic series