daily wonders: july 5 2019

Taking naps on busses. More specifically, the 43. I don’t know why it’s the most comfortable bus to sleep on from start to end, but it is.

The Mark 3 Skytrain – it’s so quiet and new looking and nice; riding it in the Burnaby area you can almost pretend you’re flying since you can’t see the bridge below and it makes so little sound.

The artist named Felix Deon (nsfw/18+ warning) – he does amazing, diverse gay art and is a huge inspiration. 

Being a regular at places! It’s always nice to recognise people and chat whenever I go back to the same cafe. It’s its own kind of friendship.

Seeing a gay couple holding hands and being affectionate in public. It’s a tumultuous time to be visibly non cis / het of course, but seeing even little displays like that gives me a surge of hope once again. I hope they have a nice Friday night.