daily wonders: july 2 2019

a) Chicken pot pie 🙂

b) Listening to podcasts when doing almost literally anything else (commuting / eating / waiting / walking / drawing)

And last but not least: I’m at Breka Cafe, and in line in front of me was this chipper middle aged guy in a bright neon orange sweater. 10, 15 minutes later, I sit down in the back corner and hear him at the table next to me.

He’s chatting with an older woman who was writing in a notebook, and I think they’re friends for a moment until I see that she’s sitting at a different table behind her.

I hear her ask “how long have you lived in Vancouver?” and then “Almost 40 years now. Graduated from University of Chicago, found a job here, never left.” “Wow!” And then 30 seconds later, “My name’s Jonathan,” as he extends a hand with a beaming smile.

“Want to sit together?” “Sure!”

And 5 minutes after that they’ve moved everything to one table and are currently chatting jovially. And despite having just left yet another health institution for yet another medical test, I’m giddy to witness two people becoming friends right next to me.