your eternity

If nothing else, hold tight, never let go, against the current of time. 
If you can, take all these moments; 
a long laugh with a friend, 
the smell of fresh apple pie, 
freshness of summer wind on cheek, 
rolling skyline, streaked with sunlight, 
morning coffee in the quiet dawn, 
the stars fairy lights ever watching, serenity, 
gentle warmness of a full body hug,
smiles framed with care, 
a quiet night with ones you love, 
all those faces voices lives you love, you love, 
hold them – 
kindle a fire in the amber of the heart, 
safe from the roaring rapids
and whatever lurking beyond.

Take this, take everything;
what time erodes 
cannot return so let the river run,
but hold tight: 
know what you love beneath that current 
never let them be drowned out. 
So let the river run, 
A river one day running out.

Put down that anger,
that routine complaint for 
nothing but routine‚Äôs sake, 
no more wrestling with that twig pebble leaf, 
that scratch that dent that bump that bruise;
if this river leads to the sea its eternity
then hold tight,
then carry what you love,
in a part of you that can never die, 
even when you are gone,

carry your eternity, 
and let drown the rest.