has the love

Wrote this poem about healing from toxic/abusive situations; it’s about learning that violence/chaos/fear don’t equal love. Instead, it’s gentle and kind and balanced and you deserve to feel safe. 
I’m not religious but it’s written as a prayer, it felt right that way.

O Lord has the love,
the notion of it – 
Been twisted bramble thorns, 
Curved vines of dependency 
and grief. 
Bleeding clutching rose stems 
-a fight, this crooked human

On our knees we beg, 
Scraping stone as
a sacrifice, 
For something greater
a love Salvation, for we 
have sinned and this shall be
our grace.

I crave the violence no longer, 
the millstone Passion
to be carried like a sin. 
For a love made of bullet wounds
and tears like shrapnel, 
is a love that will bury
Not the body but the spirit, 
The soul.

Do not take that bullet, 
Not for me – 
put that gun down between 
shaking feet.

O Lord may it be too much
to pray for a quiet summer’s day. 
For the mundane warmth of
calm and 
wistful care.

Must it be so bad, to cut away
The beloved chains, 
To simply be with –
in the gentle breeze and
still lake,

Love and care as safe
with one other secure, 
Bulletless and bloodless,
As I wish all love could be.