Inevitably we will part ways some day – from this world vast and indifferent to the criss crossing of lives and souls.

I dread the day we’ll say goodbye. I dread the day we graze each other’s eyes one last time, never to meet again in this life.

But isn’t it true that the boundaries that separate person to person, from you to me and back, are they not man made at the end of the day?

There is no border between minds and souls, not superficial skin or bones or flesh.

Every word we exchanged has changed us both.

Every smile and laugh and minute spent together, our names – like the names of hundreds of others, etched in the cement of our hearts and the space between our breaths.

We will carry each other even when we’re both long gone from this world. We will carry, even if we may one day forget.

And so it goes from human to human to human.

Profound meaning echoing from living thing to living thing, and we will never truly go silent.

One day I’ll sit on a plane and think of you. The gargantuan rumbling of the engines will drown out the noise in my mind, erode it to thoughts of you alone.

I will glance down from the window once perhaps twice at the earth below, wondering how you are, how you are doing. I hope you are doing just fine, that you are doing very well.

Perhaps at some point our thoughts criss crossed again; me wondering about you as you me, but neither of us will know in this life. We will take our minutes and thoughts to the grave.

In the end we lose everything, but we lose nothing.

We surrender back to the universe for this borrowed time, to experience life and breath. We are the stars humming and the planets spinning, we are the universe making sense of itself.

In the end we simply return the life we were given.

We do not die, and it is this essence that prevails.

In a hundred years we will be one in the soil, we will be one in this cosmo.

Even if we are not alive to know it.

And when has that ever stood in the way of the truth?