supernovas in your stomach

the stars spin heavy in my vision
and I slip, tendrils trailing from fingertips
into the indigo sky.

there is a nebula scorching my insides,
cracking ribcages and collapsing lungs.
solar systems are spinning circles
in my throat.

they’re crashing out of control.

losing sight of it all again,
thoughts will spiral into galaxies above.
a supernova melts my neurones
weightless and untethered, burning through.

I let the silver threads tangle through heartstrings,
feel my stomach plummeting again,
a sickly sweet feeling of flying, falling.

the night sky is so boundless and inevitable.

I swallow the aching silence,
let the stars collapse in my chest
cascading atoms through the veins,
they cannot and will not ever rest,
I am never to rest again.