Hong Kong Snippets

Watch in HD! The video above is a short video/film I’ve wanted to make (and have indeed been shooting footage for), for the past few months already. My goal was to film, edit, and upload it before my flight out of Hong Kong for university – and here it is. Everything was filmed using my camcorder (Canon Legria HFR76). Although it in no way encompasses everything about or around Hong Kong, nor does it cover every landmark or sight, I wanted to capture snippets of Hong Kong life in places I personally have frequented often over the past few years (or this summer); a reflection of really just one perspective out of countless more, of a simple day or two in this city.
Thank you to Hong Kong for the past six years; and to everyone I have gotten to know here (some of my friends make appearances near the end of the video), for all the great memories and everything else too – and of course, to my family here as well.
I take no credit whatsoever for the music. The song used is the Shy Remix of Aquaman by Walk The Moon, from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruejlQStE1Y
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