There was a breath I held,
beneath my skin, between my ribs,
unravelling veins and neurones,
I knew what I would find inside,
a simple truth, and it’s alright.

Carbon and stars and light and life,
there is nothing that I should feel the need to hide.

Endless cells, growing and dividing,
day after day, breath and pulse continue,
so natural and so true,
against all the odds,
I know they’ll make it through.

To myself in the past,
who knew you would make it here?
That much that was lost would become so true and crystal clear,
that much of the dust and grime in the mirror,
the crooked cracks and lines, would heal themselves in time,
that greys and sepia tones would slowly fade away,
and colours, calm and content, would take their place.

To myself in the future looking back now,
through bated breath and memories,
I know you’re grateful,
for honesty, for integrity,
for a life that is lived and fought, every day,
for a life that can only be your own,
for a quiet and proud authenticity.