observations of a stray thought

At 2:13 am, at the edge of consciousness, I am born.
I am swooped into the recesses of dreams and nightmares,
I dance in the cracks of the skull, contouring the edges of forgotten memories,
I peer behind curtains to where unseen emotions lie, ready to be born.
I float untethered between tangles of neurons, soaring from node to node;
with a spark I fly into a niche, a careful corner where forgotten faces,
lost moments in time, surround me in echoing, distant whispers.
Like a gentle breeze they guide me,
towards a labyrinth of sights, sounds, smells,
mirages and patterns of light, shimmering with the rhythm of time.
A sky of shooting stars, swirls of fireflies, an orchestra, a symphony,
A growing crescendo, a supernova,
And then, I am freed.
I am ink on paper, and words on tongue,
a music note, a swaying song,
a gentle touch, I move along,
I am married with time, and glide from mind to mind,
From life to life, an unseen light,
I was born, and now I am breathing,
I am alive.