you memorise my face,
you can trace
the contour lines up and down
and side to side,
but can’t read what’s inside.
try and see between the cracks-
i dare you to guess.
you hear what i say,
loud and clear,
plain and simple
meaningless drivel.
listen to the hum between the lines,
decode the static white noise
see what you’ll find.
words are not words,
when they’re only desperate lies.
take a scalpel to my chest,
remove the stones,
keep my body from sinking,
right into the bottom of the sea.
the bumps and scratches,
are not so insignificant after all.
my eyes are so dull and simple,
glazed varnish over ceramic holes.
paint meaning into them,
whatever you want to see,
see over
and under
and inside this body,
make up your own meaning for me,
a saint, a bastard, an angel,
a selfish piece of shit.
take my word for it,
just this time,
i ask you please-
i sure can promise you-
not a single thing, not at all,
is what it seems.