Cure the feeling of insignificance one word at a time

Cure the feeling of insignificance one word at a time, I see it in your eyes, how they drift in the daylight wondering if what you’re standing for is really right. Can I offer you some late night comfort, cough syrup triumph for all the struggles you’ve endured for your name? Come on, we all have felt the gnawing insecurity day after day. I tell you to grit your teeth against self deprecation scratching at your insides and rotting your gums away, look yourself in the mirror and just realise you’re fighting for some sense of purpose as they say. Look around you, lift your shades and what do you see? Blinding fires burning in the recesses of our bodies, heat building between our scars and seams. I know you fear the doubt of existence, the questions that sit on your chest after you retreat to bed. I tell you to reach inside your heart, know that it’s enough just trying to be good in the end. The monsters hiding you from view, the injustices killing your raging mood, it only takes a pin of light to change, I promise you soon, soon. You feel the waste of breath in your lungs, why all the terribleness? …dear god. Feel the pressure on your bones and mould what you love a better home. In the dirt of the fight we can only believe in the blood coursing through our winding veins, in the rising light on the horizon promising a better life, another chance, calling us towards brighter days.