What’s so great about oxygen?

What’s so great about oxygen? It’s not sweet or gentle that you need it in your lungs, in your system, every living moment, breathe it in- without it you collapse and burn, your body gives up and folds in on itself. What’s so beautiful about that pointless, primal hunger, “I need you,” oh man, I’ve heard that, a thousand times over. Need like your painkillers you take on the clock, need like the alcohol you down when you can’t stop, need like a crutch to get yourself back up-I get it. I do.
What’s so great about needing? What’s so beautiful and romantic about it all? It only leaves you dry heaving for something you can’t have at 3 am, all cold sweat and empty bones.
Divorce the air from my lungs, the blood from my veins, it can do without my body- don’t need the oxygen, don’t need the medicine, it can all do without me, and I swear I can do without.