The ground swoops beneath me, the voices- the din of shouts, laughter, cursing- a crescendo into static in my ears. I grip the cord of my headphones, a lifeline of sorts, and let my gaze sweep around the surroundings. Familiar faces blur and fade, my eyes an unfocused lens; I stand perfectly still as the colors before me swirl and collapse like water poured on a paint palette.
I feel the colors drain from their faces, the hues and tones slipping and flowing down into the drains; into whites and blacks and grays and my head spins, my skin pales, things fall away.
Someone is shouting at me, hey you forgot your stuff, but I’m already sprinting across the playground, a race against time, I race up the stairs I race into the room I crash into the chairs I fall against the window I let my lungs fill and then collapse I let my eyes close, a vast static blackness.
I listen to my heartbeat slow,
I grab onto the windowsill,
I let the moment pass,
I open my eyes, let the colors come back, let it all blur into focus.
The sharp, accented edges of the witnesses to a crime scene.